The dream forest

As long as I can remember I dreamed about a forest that seems real but completely unfamiliar. The ground is spongy, damp and smells like the usual Washington forests but with a wetness to it that is at once familiar and strange at the same time. The trees have what can almost be described as beards. There are so many different mosses and ferns on every single tree. The air is slightly damp and there seems to be a light mist. The sky is bright but overcast and light grey with small patches of blue sneaking through in patches. I am young again and I skip through a tunnel of branches and trees into the dark depths of the forest not caring what is further up the trail. There are streams, rocks and every possible green kind of vegetation I can remember and some I don’t know. There are slugs including huge ones that are oozing down a branch.

For the majority of my life I really thought this forest only existed in my dreams. I occasionally attempted to discover where it could possibly be but could never find any photos or descriptions that really fit what I saw in my dream. In June of 2013 Devin and I went to the Olympic National Park for a week. One of the many places we visited was the Hoh Rainforest.

We went on a short hike and when we rounded a bend it was the forest I dreamed about.

WP_000969            WP_000968


WP_000986   WP_000973

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An Autumn Mantle

Today I finished the last piece for my Autumn mantle. Some of the things on my mantle were made by me in previous years and a few from this year.



As you can see the design while pretty simple fits the season and uses a variety of things from my collection. The candlesticks were from my candlestick collection.

The fabric pumpkins were made by my mother. The small tablerunner was made by me quite a while ago from a bunch of leaf themed scraps.

The leaf garland are beautiful hand made ceramic leaves that I purchased from a local designer last year. I carefully made them into a garland to hang from the mantle. I really love how the colors from the glaze help them really resemble real fall leaves.

My mantle clock and the small ceramic owl help complete the center part. What you cannot really see also in the center under the mirror is a small string of polymer clay maple leaves and a matching jar also from polymer clay with fall leaves. I have not done polymer clay in a number of years but have kept these pieces in my fall decorations.

The giant owl on the mirror is actually the final thing I finished today. I do a bunch of wood working with my mother and we design and make a wide variety of things for a couple of shows in the fall. I had come up with this cute little owl that is about 6 inches tall and loved how it turned out.

WP_20140926_12_36_47_Pro 1

However when I tried putting this guy up at the top of the mirror he was just too small and looked lost. I needed to make a larger one to fit on the mirror. I redid the pattern this time much larger and ended up making two. The first is on a really neat wreath that will be at our show. The one in the photo above I made for myself and now resides happily above my mantle.

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Learning the Violin


At first glance this picture of my Mother’s day present might be a bit odd. However this is the music corner in our bedroom. My husband bought the violin and guitar hangers for the wall and installed them as my present. Now my violins as well as his guitar can be out and easily picked up to play at any time. The green music stand was a present from my family for my birthday a year or so ago.

What I didn’t talk about is why I started playing the violin. I played briefly as a child and adored the instrument but in the busy and full home I grew up in continuing to play was just not working out. For many years it was one of my biggest regrets. It was such a longing of mine that my husband bought me an electric violin as a Christmas present. The electric was a much quieter instrument as practicing can be painful at times for everyone else. However I was struggling with the teach yourself stuff so for my 38th birthday I bought myself violin lessons with a local teacher. I have been playing now for over 3 years. The satisfaction and enjoyment I get from fulfilling that long held dream and longing are immeasurable. This past year I upped my ability and bought myself a wonderful standard violin that has a fantastic sound. I love playing it and currently am taking way too long of a summer break.

One of the inspirations for deciding that I was not to old to learn an instrument was a friend who started piano lessons when she was 70. I decided if she could do it so could I. I have no illusions that I will ever be a professional but since I really only ever want to play for myself  I just don’t care. The joy I get in being able to teach myself a new hymn or other song is beyond description.

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BIHR: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Her first book in the Graceling Realm series was called Graceling.

I love the “graces” or skills that allow them to be better than average at just one thing. They usually have odd colored eyes of two different colors. Unfortunately being “graced” makes you immediately enslaved as in most of the 7 kingdoms the “graced” are the property of the King or Ruler. A “graced” fighter or an archer would be better at that skill than any number of regular people. There are people “graced” with all sorts of skills from cooking to fighting. The heroine of the story, Katsa, is reluctant to be the heroine and yet still does everything just to protect someone who is weaker than herself. Katsa is actually one of the things I liked best; she learned to believe in herself and her own power and use it to better her entire world. I just enjoyed an adult heroine who learns to balance her skills and the needs of the world with her own personal needs.

Fire is in the same world as Graceling but on the other side of the continent.

Seriously this one amazed me as I could just see the colors and images of the main character and the odd animals in this world. The descriptions were amazing and very rich. The heroine has the most amazing hair description I have ever read. It takes place in the same world yet before the events of the first story. This one has more “monsters” than Graceling but it is interesting to see how the “graced” and the monsters interact.

I just discovered that there is a new book in the series that I have yet to read. Bitterblue which takes place about 8 years after the events in Graceling.

I am immediately adding this to my reading list and hope you do too.

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Deciding to not do something

One of the interesting things I have been discovering since we moved last September is the joy of deciding that I am no longer interested in something. As we were moving there were quite a few projects that I decided I no longer wanted to work on. Yet I also found more than a few projects I actually wanted to finish. I even finished a few of those.

Yesterday after starting these I don’t know how long ago I finally completed these earrings: 


Yes those are beaded kite earrings. Saw this design over a year ago probably two yet just yesterday completed these. After they were completed I realized they wouldn’t work for me so am putting them aside as a present.

However at the same time I finished the earrings I dismantled at least 4 other things as I realized they should never see the light of day.

Dismantling and deciding against finishing something is a very freeing decision. Not everything needs to be completed, sometimes you make the attempt and decide the attempt was enough. It is OK to not do something.

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BIHR: The Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger

This series made me laugh out loud more than a few times if only for the very odd Victorian England names. The author, Gail Carriger, does a fantastic job of having a heroine that is able to work with all the men around her to better her world and save it in multiple small and large ways. All while getting her own life under control and learning who she is. The author described the world as what would Victorian England have been like if Vampires and Werewolves existed and were part of society. Very interesting viewpoint and I love how she has balanced the powers of the world. Even to describing what kind of people can become those powerful creatures. She even discusses the consequences of long life and immortality. It is a major plot point of more than one part of the story.

The books in the Parasol Protectorate are Soulless, Changless. Blameless, and Heartless :


I don’t want to spoil any of the story for anyone but this is worth the time to read and are fairly quick reads. I even got my husband to read some of her young adult books of the same world Finishing School. The author is still writing more short stories and other novels set in the same world so well worth reading.

For more information check out the author’s website

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My Vibram Five Fingers or my “weird shoes”

After reading all the odd things that some people said about Vibram Five Fingers I was a bit concerned about the reactions I would get from others. However after doing research and exercises to strengthen my feet, mainly so I could get through Karate easier, I determined that switching to these would continue to make my feet stronger.

Spring of 2013 I finally had feet strong enough o be able to walk around barefoot without hurting. I could do a lot of the exercises for my feet very easily without pain. I decided to start shopping for some Vibrams that would be within my budget. After looking online and getting sized at REI, I finally found some within my budget. My first pair was my favorite color even GREEN!


I started off slow and only wore them around the house it took about 6 months to fully transition to this style of shoes. Gradually all of the rest of my shoes began to irritate me. So I bought another pair.


These particularly crack me up as they make it look like I am not wearing any shoes at all. I usually have people think I am barefoot at first!

Of course once I started walking more in them and was wearing them all the time I had to wash them more regularly. I needed another pair for when the other pair was drying.


I actually kind of like taking photos of my shoes when we are on adventures.


The above photo is my favorite of every single picture of my shoes I have. It was taken at the Kubota Japanese Garden in Seattle.

So yes I hike, walk, sprint, and live in these on a daily basis. I do have a pair of salt water sandals and a pair of minimalist flats that I wear as well. I even have a pair of hiking boots, snow boots, and trail shoes for when I need something sturdier. Most of the time I can wear my Vibrams there are a few occasions I cannot. I even use these while at my standing desk and they work fine. The transition takes a while but I have found the my health has improved for the better since I did.

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