New look for me and my blog

As you can see my blog is changing, both location and appearance. I am hoping to change my website as well.

I also changed my appearance recently. I came to the realization that I have had virtually the same haircut for the last 16+ years. The only change was bangs or no bangs. Unfortunately my hair was thrashed from thyroid problems and it looked aweful. After much threatening to chop it off myself with scissors, Devin told me to make an appointment for a haircut. I have also been having odd reactions to various hair products as well as the smell of most salons. I had a flyer from a small local salon called Eden’s Organic Salon with the stylist Terri Curtis. The organic salon does not use harsh chemicals and even has a hepa filter operating in the store. It was a pleasant smelling place(mainly because it didn’t smell) and very clean and attractive. I called and made an appointment for Treanna as well as myself for last Saturday. After playing around on Friday with one of those upload your photo and try new hairstyles on thingies I was ready for something drastic but easy to care for. I knew from looking at my own hair that at least 4 inches was needing to be chopped off. Treanna went first and we had much discussion of how we needed to cut her hair to make it easier to care for. She likes her new cut as does everyone who has seen it. When it was my turn I had Terri look at my scalp and the texture of my hair before we did anything else. She agreed that something I am using is causing odd problems and even gave me a flyer on the common ingredients people have trouble with in shampoos and other products. She did check out the texture and agreed that the bottom part of the hair needed to be cut. She then washed it thoroughly and oh wow my hair looked better when she was done using the shampoos she uses. We then talked about style and I told her that my hair color, texture, and even my basic appearance was much changed and I really had no clue what to do. I told her to please give me a recommendation based on what would look good on me and then do it. She suggested cutting it up to my shoulders and then doing long layers with a few shorter layers to frame my face. I told her that sounded good and to go for it. After she cut it all up to my shoulders I was already suprised at how much better it looked. My hair was all the same color and actually appeared more red than it had been for a while. The long layers really helped the hair to lay nicely and the ones framing my face were flattering. Then she started to dry it and she told me to part my hair on the exact opposite side than I have been for the last few years. It still feels odd but I think i like the part on that side better. So now without further ado the pictures:

The before picture and the after picture.

Both pictures were lovingly taken by Treanna using my digital camera. I think she did a great job on her first time.
Eventually we will get her before and afters put up as well as the picture of us with the stylist who was wonderful.

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