Written in April.

I went in with Devin to work on a Friday and took the opportunity to go shopping at the Redmond Town Center all on my own. I normally have people along that don’t want to wait for me or go the places where I want to go. The first place I went was Lane Bryant. I really like that Lane Bryant the best, I like the sales people, and I like their clothing selection. I tried on so many clothes! I got refitted for bras and tried on a ton of clothes. Lots of it was not that flattering and I didn’t like how they looked. I did however find a couple of things that looked good and I would like to go back and get. The most suprising was the Scooter/Skort. It looked good and I felt comfortable in it. I did not like any of the Capri pants I tried on and want to go back to try on some pedal pusher length pants. They also had a lime green stripey skirt that is kind of like my brown one that I love. I have a nice list of things I like and will have to back and pick a couple of pieces up. I also went to an April Cornell boutique and tried on a few of their items in the one size they have for plus sizes. It didn’t fit even though it is cute. I went to Claires and looked at accessories and saw several small french style barrettes that may work for my favorite hairstyle. I also stopped by a store called Utopia that had jewelry and fossils. I loved the Ammonite bowls and slices. They also had some neat trilobyte pendants that were wonderful. I saw some other neat platter like things that had quite a few different fossils on it. It was really nice to get out all on my own and be able to look and shop as much as I wanted. I did get one thing while I was shopping. A belt that was on clearance at Lane Bryant for $1.99. I never would have known about that good deal if I had not have gone in the first place.

I went to the Alderwood a couple of weeks ago and ended up meeting my friend Shannon there. I was helping her find a new outfit for her sister’s wedding. I had a chance to look around and walk around while I waited for her. It is a strange looking mall and almost awkward in shape and difficult to find things. Some people like it but it is just odd looking. The Nordstroms was on the small side, the Lane Bryant was really awkward. While I was in Footlocker I heard a song called “Geek Love” which was a riot. The Bombay company store was neat, I saw a Large Mirror that was great and would look good in my house. Who needs a jewelry box just for 5 watches? That was probably the oddest thing I saw. In the middle of the mall however was a really neat booth called Juno(I think). They had gorgeous rhinestone hair accessories and some jewelry. All their items had that lovely vintage look that I love.

This all happened not too long after a trip to Bellevue Square to meet a friend for a day of shopping. Now that I have been to a variety of places I must say my favorite is probably Bellevue Square. Redmond Town Center can be a nice place to go and I prefer that Lane Bryant out of all the ones I have been too. For a general trip to look at a variety of things Bellevue Square is by far my favorite.

We have been at least once more to Bell Square since I wrote the above. We went down on a Friday night the day Apple released Tiger. We figured we might as well try to win some free stuff. We did win some free iTunes and we looked at some other things in the store. We also went by the lego store and entered to win Star Wars Lego stuff. For helping with the giant mosaic they were building we even got some free little SW Fighters like Anakin is flying in the beginning of 3. I got a lot of mileage out of those before giving them to the children.

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