School’s out for summer

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Treanna and Alaric. It is not even a full-day. It ends at noon. I will then need to figure out what all we are going to do for the summer.

Fortunately we have a few plans already. So far the summer line-up includes: basic horseriding with Sue, summer speech homework, making our own dictionaries to add to our word knowledge, the summer reading program at the library, and repainting the church.

However this leaves far too much free time that will be open for fighting. I know I will have them helping out in our yard and garden. They each have their own tomato plant and there are a ton of weeds still left to pull out. I also want to make a patio in the backyard and some walkways so there is a lot they can do.

I won’t have all the free time I have been used to having to myself during the day. Routines will have to change quite a bit. Figuring out just how to change the routines so they work can be the tricky part.

I am also hoping that we can actually get out and do some visiting as well. Visits will hopefully include some trips to Camano Island, a trip to visit my grandmother, trip to the tri-cities area and hopefully the Maryhill Museum again, a trip to the Moses Lake area, a trip up to Mount Rainier, and to Olympia. Between friends and family we have plenty of places to go where we have actually been invited.

My little sister Becca called all excited about her recent promotion to the Garden Department at her work. I am excited too as we will now have even more to talk about. A recent visit from her included tomato plants for the children and a new snapdragon for me. She has plans to study hard for the next few months and take the tests to become an expert for her new department. Congratulations Becca!

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