Reading, gardening, and food.

The reading out loud of The Secret Garden was a definite success. We all enjoyed the book immensely. Afterwards we watched the 1987 version of The Secret Garden. I have a version of the book that was Illustrated by Tasha Tudor. The companion book Inside the Secret Garden : A Treasury of Crafts, Recipes, and Activities also had some illustrations by her in color. The movie we have is a fantastic adaptation. After reading the story aloud I can honestly appreciate the care of how they adapted the story for the screen. I can understand some people’s dislike of it but I thought they did a fantastic job. I had considered getting a few other versions of the movie but after reading reviews, comments, and summaries opted to just stick with the one we have.

The foods we made using the companion book were fun. We made muffins, porridge, and oatcakes. I still need to make the other oatcake recipe, Robin cake and crumpets. I will be making crumpets as soon as I figure out what muffin rings are and if I can cheat and use canning jar rings. The porridge was a definite success. It is much like oatmeal but the oats are run through a food processer first. I was amazed that Treanna enjoyed eating it as she despises oatmeal. The oatcakes were a mixed success. They were much like pancakes made with oatflour but they used yeast instead of baking powder. We had those for a family late brunch on Sunday. Along with some sausages, eggs, and tea. Alaric loved them and was excited about eating them. He even set the table and chose plates, napkins, and teacups for everyone. Him and Dad even put red, white and blue candles on the table. You can see the proud boy and his table here: Proud Alaric.

I did some puttering around the house and garden on Sunday. One of the things I did was replant a few of my houseplants. I trimmed some of them back, watered thoroughly, and added some additional potting soil to a few that needed it. the main plant I redid was one of my purple double flowered african violets. It has not bloomed for months and has seemed to be unhappy. I am hoping that it will be happier in the new pot. I also planted a few starts I had kicking around the house into some little pots. They were then placed in my mini indoor greenhouse. I am really pleased with how it turned out. It also became a place to put my rock collection. You can see some pictures I took of it here: Miniature Greenhouse pictures

I have been working some out in the yard this past week. We all worked outside yesterday and finally got the grass all mowed down. I have a yard now and it looks good! Still quite a bit to do yet in the back and along the sides. My pink geraniums are just starting to bloom out in the front. My hanging fuschia basket is really starting fill in and bloom as well. I expect to have a ton of blooms by the end of the week. I finally managed to get the last couple of plants transplanted this week as well. The other pink geranium and the white cosmo are both in pots with lots of room to grow. A friend also has some daylilies and irises that I need to dig up and move to my house. Fortunately the daylilies are the exact same as what I already have. I even have a couple of spots all picked out for them. Next couple of weeks are weeding the back and back corner, and trimming up bushes and trees. Especially the front corner, it is so overgrown it is a visibility hazard!

Not much else really going on around here. So far we are enjoying summer. It has been rather cool for the most part as well. I am attempting to get a lot of general clean up and organization done. We are slowly making progress. I seem to be feeling a bit better as well. We are walking and I am gardening more as well. Keeping busy really does help. My stamina and energy are increased quite a bit.

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