Summer, visiting and reading

The children finally made it out to ride a horse. They really enjoyed it. I was dumb and did not get out of the direct sun soon enough. By late that evening I almost rivaled a fire engine! I ended up not doing stuff the following day like I had originally planned and instead dealt with mild sunstroke. Fortunately it faded rather quickly.

Saturday the 16th was a very busy day. It started with the children and I joining our church at a local store to collect food and donations for the local food bank. After we were there for just a very short time we headed down to Puyallup to see my little sister Becca. Becca has been sick on and off for the last few weeks and was actually in the hospital because she was not getting better. I saw my mother while down there and briefly met Becca’s husband Jason. I found out that my older sister Debbie had been in the hospital that same week for a similar infection. I was almost worried it was something all 5 of us sisters would get.

After we left Puyallup we headed up to Snoqualmie. We went up Hwy 167 to Hwy 18 and then connected into I-90. It was a pretty drive and one we had not done for quite a few years. We had to do a bit of figuring out the directions since we were coming from the exact opposite direction. Fortunately we quickly and easily figured out where we were. Just about the time we thought we were lost we would find the next milestone and we got there easily. It was just a gorgeous area and it was about 10 minutes from the Snoqualmie Falls. We were going to Devin’s friend Martin’s house and birthday party. Wow! The house was incredible and had this great view of the mountains. With binoculars you could even watch mountain goats. It was wonderful to see Martin and Heather again and wish them congratulations. On their soon to come baby, the mostly redone house, their property, his birthday, etc. It was a fun party, the house was amazing, the property and view was amazing and we had a good time. I did get a bit drunk which was very easy to do with all the alcohol and fruit drinks. Just before we left Martin showed me his 196? Land Rover and it was cool! I loved all the dials, switches, levers, gears, etc. It was really neat and looked fun. On the way home we talked about the area and we are now much more interested in seriously looking down that way than we were.

This last week I did some more work in my Garden and in my house. I had already cleaned the carpets and gotten caught up with most yard work. I finally trimmed back one full yard waste bin of weeds and branches from the front corner. It will take quite a bit more work to get that all done. Overall I am pleased with the yard I just have a lot more weeding to do still. We also cleaned out Treanna’s room and I have a fairly large bag or 2 of stuff to either donate or freecycle.

Tuesday we went with friends to the library for part of their summer reading program. I realized that we are almost done with both parts of their goals for the summer. Hopefully we will finish this coming Tuesday when we go to another session. We read quite a few fun books and Alaric and I especially spent some time with some Sea Turtle books. One of the things the library is doing is encouraging reading your way through the Dewey Decimal system. We have picked up quite a variety of books already and only have the 700 and 800s left.

Friday Mickie came up for her twice a year visit! It was so nice to visit and spend time with her. Her brother came with her in the afternoon and we had them both for dinner before he headed home. Pizza was had for dinner with a simple salad and followed by brownie sundaes! We had a nice time just talking and visiting. We all did end up playing Carcasonne just before bed.

Saturday I finished Harry Potter #5. I went north to Everett to pick up a chair from a freecycler. I ended up coming home with a bit more stuff though. Treanna found a few things in his free box for her and her brother. We then stopped at a yard sale and I picked up a couple of new linens for my table. Treanna and I then stopped by the bookstore to get some postcards. I picked up enough postcards for the children to send them out tomorrow. I spent a few minutes chatting with the gal working and then headed home. We all went back a bit later to the bookstore and Devin and I are contemplating a new solution to our books at home. It will take a bit of work so we are still considering it.

I ended up staying up late to read last night and was not feeling well. After sleeping in quite late Sunday, I just sat up in bed and finished the newest Harry Potter book. I felt much better by the time I was done.

This evening’s highlight was a nice long walk that had a hike in the middle. It was a very pleasant diversion even if it was quite a bit longer than expected. It means that I have met my goal this week of doing some sort of exercise for at least 10 minutes each day.

I was given a book on Saturday called In Search of King Solomon’s Mines by Tahir Shah. This is not the kind of book I would normally read. I am really suprised at how much I am enjoying it. I am actually planning on requestion some of his other books from the library as well. The one other that sounds most interesting is Sorcerer’s Apprentice It is described as his account of pursuing his boyhood dream of becoming a magician. I am really enjoying his writing style and often find myself laughing out loud at what I am reading. I have also been learning lots of new things and have been inspired to actually look up some other things. Never really considered myself the type to read travel books before.

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