Fashion, books and iTunes.

The phone has been ringing all day it seems like. It felt like someone called within 5 minutes of the phone being hung up. Lots of the calls were good. I talked to my mother, my sister, my brother, etc.

School is going great for the children so far. Alaric did have an allergy attack last night and I have still to figure out what he reacted to. He was rubbing his eyes on the way home from school so I believe it started during school. It went into one of those full blown panic because he is so stuffed up he can’t breathe episodes by midnight. Poor guy. Good thing he responds well to antihistimines.

I still miss MODE magazine, a plus-size fashion magazine. I loved the curvy, sexy, and beautiful women in gorgeous clothes. I have still been looking for a replacement for quite a while. I think I have found an online one to help fill some of the gap. Amaze Magazine I even like reading the bulletin boards. In the current issue the article on how to get more mileage from your wardrobe is a great one! I liked the tips on how to see what you have before you go shopping. So far I am fairly excited about the new fall fashions. I love the retro and vintage inspirations. The jewelry is quite fun as wel. and I have been making my own versions of some of the styles.

Have been switching quite a bit of my makeup to Mary Kay. This is the website for my Mary Kay person:

Rachael Thacker

She also happens to be my little sister. It was Weird to watch someone you know go from avoiding makeup to wearing it all the time. However there are quite a few things I like. Their timewise skin care is very nice and my skin has cleared up quite a bit since starting to use it. I also like a lot of their eye makeup colors and am currently debating what all I want to get myself to replace what I am running out of. I know I want some sort of purples and some greens to go with all the browns. I also use the auburn brow pencil and I love how it looks! Check out the website especially the virutal makeover. It lets you see what the colors all look like on real people, which is cool.

I am also thinking about hairstyles again as I need a trim. My ends are starting to split and my hair is a couple of inches longer since the last time I got it cut. I made an appointment for Thursday and it will be interesting to see how my hair will turn out this time. We get tons and tons of compliments on Treanna’s new haircut all the time. It seems to be working out really well for her. I do not want my hair that short. I am honestly considering bangs again. Been years since I last had them and I had them on and off most of my life.

For my baby brother’s birthday we gave him a couple of books. The first one was The Misenchanted Sword and the second was The Book of Jhereg (Vlad Taltos). I actually got to talk to him about books today and we had a lot of fun. I think we talked for a good half hour. We discussed, Brust, Feist, Weber, and Eddings and their book series. We had an easy 50+ books that he can now find to read just based on the ones we discussed and reading the entire series. When each author has at least 10 books out that is a lot of reading!

I downloaded iTunes 5 yesterday and updated my iTunes install. My previous one stuttered if I so much as moved my mouse and was extremely frustrating. So far 5 seems to be a lot more stable for me. I can do a ton of stuff without getting that stutter happening. It still stutters occasionally when I do an intensive cpu usage like starting Word. I have been very happy with this version so far. In fact I have spent a lot of the last 2 days watching music videos from iTunes. Nice to be able to hear the entire song and see videos.

Not too much else happening. My garden grows but is pretty dead this time of year. My house is staying pretty clean and I have been making lots of dinners. I am slowly working on cleaning out more clutter and getting more projects completed.

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