Getting ready for School and the County Fair.

Been a while since I updated my blog. Lots of stuff is happening.

The children start school this next Wednesday. It took a bit of work to
make sure they had all the clothing, backpacks, lunchboxes, and school
supplies they needed. Took quite a few different trips to find
everything at a decent price. I scaled back on what all I
bought them this year, especially clothing wise. I may need to
buy each child one more pair of jeans. I dolaundry often enough that we really do not need a ton of clothes. We
received their teacher assigments last week and they were both really
excited. At first both children were going to be in a multi-age
classroom with the same teacher that Treanna has last year. We really
enjoyed working with this teacher and were excited about both of them
having her. Then we received a call from the Principal and it is her
personal policy to not have siblings in the same classroom when
possible. Devin had her tell Alaric in person that he would be placed
in a different class. Fortunately he was excited as he likes this other
teacher as well. We also like this teacher and we are excited that
Alaric can be in her class. It would have been very interesting to have
both children in the same class though.

A friend of mine entered a scrap book page into the county fair this
year. I went home and was thinking…hmmm I should enter something. So
I dug through things I had made in the last year and chose a few things
to enter. While I was entering my things into the fair I was asked if I
wanted to demo polymer clay for the fair. If so I would get free
tickets and parking passes. After talking to Devin we decided that we
should get a sitter and both of us go demo. So last Sunday after
dismantling my entire polymer clay collection we took 2 boxes full of
things to the fairgrounds and did a 4 hour demo. It was a lot of fun
and I was suprised at people’s reaction to my work. I also found that I
had received a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the things I entered. I will
definitely demo next year and hope to have a few more interesting
things to display next year. We still have enough tickets and a parking
pass so we can all head to the fair again.

My mother came up to visit and brought up a load of her items for
her fall craft shows. She should have plenty to sell this fall at her
shows. She has 4 shows this fall and the first one is in a few weeks.
The children and I had a very pleasant day with my mother. She also
brought me a ton of things she had set aside for me. I have lots of
items to put away now.

I have slowly started doing more crafty things. I have also started
making things for presents for Christmas and birthdays. Several of my
sisters have birthdays within a month of Christmas. I tend to make them
some sort of jewelry item. I started by making chandelier style
earrings. I even made myself a lovely lime green colored set. I really
like the ones I have made so far. Still have plenty to do yet for

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