Getting Things Done

I have been taking care of lots of little things lately. One of the
things I did this afternoon after picking up the children is put up
their 1st day of school pictures.

Alaric ready for his first day. Treanna ready for first day. Both of my wonderful children all dressed for the first day of school.

Today was a very pleasant day. I had an appointment to get my hair cut
this morning at 10. The weather was nice enough I could walk. My
haircut is fabulous and Terri did a great job again. Afterwards I ended
up walking all over town. I picked up some things I needed, looked at
shops and found nothing to buy, and even had lunch out. I decided
against walking all the way down to city hall and instead headed home.

Devin had gone into the office today so I needed to use my little
mazda to pick up the children. I went out to use it to head to city
hall first and it wouldn’t start. Somehow I had jangled loose the
cables on the new battery. I probably didn’t put the cables on securely
enough when I installed it. I was glad I got it working.

I have been  listening to Deep Dish
online. Their website lets you listen to their music for free. I really
like “Say Hello” and “In love with a friend”. The other song I am
currently grooving on is “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay. I know it bores
some people but I like the song this week. The new iTunes 5 is still my
friend and it works!

Devin and I are both reading this book by David Allen called Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.
I finally finished an entire read through last night. What I found very
interesting was just how much it matched and complimented the
program I have been doing for the past few years. I highly
suggest FlyLady if you are digging yourself out of chaos and
disorganization. Once you are ready to do even more then I would
suggest the David Allen book. If I had not been doing FlyLady for the
past few years I would not be even close to ready for the Getting
Things Done. You wouldn’t think something like this would work for a
homemaker but the system he has will work for just about any job. I
still have many things to work on in my life but progress has been

I have been hearing from more and more people that I seem to be doing better and feeling better. I do! I
feel a lot better. I have been walking more and have less chaos at
home. Our priest even told me that the contrast from a year ago is just
amazing. Stopping and taking stock of my progress makes me agree. The
way I am feeling and doing now compared to even 6 months ago is
amazing. I am happy! Strange to think but seriously, I am happy!

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