Legos, math and Simply Fun!

I am still pretty happy. I actually enjoyed the last visit with my mother. Which is a good things since she comes again next week. I still have some things to finish up before she is here but that will get done.

Alaric is reading wonderfully, it is so exciting to hear him read. He just turned 7 last week and had a wonderful birthday, his celebrations almost lasted a week. He got bionicles from one Grandma and a big huge bin of legos from his other Grandparents. His sister gave him some Atlantis action figures and his parents took him shopping. We picked out a new t-shirt with glow in the dark dinosaurs on it. He got a new pair of shoes and of course even more legos! He enjoyed going out to dinner at Red Robin with just his parents and he even got a sundae and happy birthday sung to him. It was good to be 7. He is loving the legos and tries to play with them every day!

Treanna is beginning to thrive in her class. The last few weeks have been rough on her socially and emotionally but we think we have it under control now. At the very least she is no longer getting physically ill from the anxiety and stress. She has been working on factoring and her multiplication tables at home and a bit at school. She knows all the way up to 12 x 12. Now she is just working on her memorization so it happens faster. We figure by Christmas we will have her doing fractions easy. We have already been working on some basic factoring and other algebra type skills. Sharing math and science is fun. We have also been talking a lot about our bodies as well as socialization.

My house is clean. Amazing but I have really been seeing it this week. My laundry is staying done, the dishes are done, the children and adults each have lunches for each day, dinner is being made, there is plenty of food in the cupboards, and I could easily invite anyone in for tea. Heck homework is getting done and to school on time! I even feel on the ball about baths and bedtime. I think things are finally starting to really become a set routine.

Last Saturday we had a Simply Fun party. It was a blast! We in fact are planning on having a couple more just because so many people could not come to the first one. They sell their games through home parties much like Tupperware. The games are fun to play, quick to learn, and all can be played start to finish in under 35-45 minutes. If you want to be invited to the next one the end of October of the one in November please let me know.

I am working through getting things done again and still have a ways to go until I fully implement the process. However the benefit is amazing and it really does mesh well with FlyLady. Granted I still have a few real problem spots but even those we are whittling down slowly. I fully expect to have those done over the next year.

This week has been a lot of fun for me. Our regular secretary for church is away on vacation for this week and part of next week. I am filling in for her while she is gone and I am suprised at just how much fun it has been. Granted I can see a lot more things that need to get done at church. I also see how many of them will not take that much time or energy and also fit my strengths and talents. I am thinking I need to be spending a bit more time being proactive in those areas.

I am content. I am pleased with where I am at and where I am going.

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