the teacup store

After dropping one of my favorite teacups this evening, Alaric told me we could buy another one at the teacup store. It was a very clean break but not quite clean enough to glue back well enough to use. Off to ebay and online to see if I can actually find a replacement cup.

In other news I am finally over my head cold and am feeling much better. Devin and I went out with another couple Sunday evening for drinks and darts. First time in a very long time, if ever, I had more than one drink.

I raked leaves this afternoon for about 20 minutes. I finished with tired arms and a huge pile of leaves. Still need to pick them all up into the bin. I also need to get the grass mowed and my front bush trimmed down more. Just 2 more weeks til fall cleanup. I have already started my pile but need to get more out to the curb.

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