Update for a busy November

Well I suck. I have a ton of stuff to post about but I have not updated my blog in weeks.

November was very busy though. So I might be excused a little bit. Devin was out of town for a conference. It was good for him too! Devin and I also were at St. Mark’s Cathedral for our Diocesan Convention as alternates. That was a very interesting experience for us. The electricity went out Friday afternoon so it was quite frustrating at times. I think I heard about 1 word in 3. We ended up leaving early for home. We watched Battlestar Galactica and got warmed up that evening before returning for Saturday. Saturday was much better and I even enjoyed it. The other thing that happened was that the replacement foam for our select comfort bed came. Our bed is about 5 years old and the foam was worn out. Plus the foam that came was a different kind than what we had previously. Our bed is much better now and we are both sleeping better.

Thanksgiving was fun too. We did Fondue with some friends. We had 3 courses; Cheese, Oil, and chocolate. It took even longer than I had planned for. All 3 turned out well in my opinion. The kids were a bit unsure about it all though. The oil was a lot of the fun and the chocolate was wonderful.

Then it was Treanna’s birthday. We even had a party for her with 3 of her friends. The little girls had a blast with the horse-theme. We made little jumps for them to use with their play horses. Cupcakes were the cake and mom had even put up streamers and balloons. The jumps were really cute and were an additional present for her. They had a lot of fun and played with them for about an hour. You can see a bit of the party and some of the presents here: Treanna’s 9th Birthday.

We also finally received all the rest of the ant bait we ordered. We ordered both the regular and the sugary jell stuff this time. Lots and lots of the stuff so we won’t run out any time soon. Well after Devin put some out Saturday night we had at least a 50% reduction by the time I got up the next morning. Now on Tuesday I have only seen a few live ones and almost never more than 4 at a time. The stuff is finally working.

The other cool thing that happened recently was my kitchen floor was replaced! The old floor was literally falling apart and I could not keep it clean now matter how much I tried. Our landlord replaced it with this new kitchen floor 1 and new kitchen floor 2.

And of course we have been doing some entertaining. We had another Simply Fun party, our third. Turn out was best for the last one. Our next one will not be until next February at the earliest.

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