While the cats are away…

Devin has been out of town this week for a business conference. The last time he travelled for business or otherwise was over 2 years ago. We had a lot to do to make sure he was ready. This has been kind of strange as I am really used to having him around.

This week is also parent teacher conferences at school which means early dismissal. The children have been out of school at 12:55 every day. Seems like my morning just gets started and *boom* it is time to pick them up. Plus sine it was half-days we had a bit more time for some play-dates. Yesterday and today we got together with T’s best friend. Yesterday I watched their children so they could go to conferences and then we all visited. Today I watched their children so they could have an evening out for their anniversary. The kids really enjoyed pllaying with their friends. Of course the kids think I am strange as I don’t let them watch movies, play video games, have as much juice/milk as they want, or have dessert every day. I don’t mind being the odd one as I know they all behave better and actually socialize when following my rules. At one point all 4 of the children had an elaborate game going on where they were building parts of houses. I heard a lot of “Oh! No fair! Your house is much fancier than ours!” Plus I was amused that the girls traded brothers for the playing.

Other things this week included a trip to IKEA where I purchased a “real” computer desk for myself. I still need to finish rearranging and putting the desk together. Devin said he will help with that once he gets back. I started working on all the painting I have to get done for a show in 2 weeks. I am already about 1/5 done with it and I feel confident I can finish over the next week. I cleared out more of my craft area and have a few more items ready to be donated or thrown out for fall clean up. I also seem to be planning/coordinating a lot of stuff for a baby shower this next week.

We also received the book and DVDs of the new exercise program we are starting. I read through them on Monday and tried out a few of the specific exercises. Tuesday I started through the DVDs and figured out that I have been doing one of the exercises I already knew way wrong. Wow! Once I started doing them right they hurt and seemed a lot more effective. I went through the 2nd DVD this morning and added in a few more exercises. I am still doing maybe 5 minutes at a time at least twice. My legs are sore and I can barely do a lot of the exercises. However I slept better last night and my headache that has been pretty standard over the last few weeks is gone. I am going to do more stretches before bed again tonight. More as I keep progressing through the exercises.

I actually dreamed last night and dreamed very vividly. The dreams were so messed up I overslept not only my morning medicine but also my alarm clock. This was also the first very Science Fiction themed dream I can ever remember happening. The major drawback was just how many streams/stories crossed over! Uplift, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Callahan’s, and those are just the ones I remember. It was really just NOT right. I am almost afraid to go to sleep tonight.

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