Just updated my photo galleries

I put in some pictures of my Christmas present from my mother. You can see my new plate rack and the same thing from another angle
by clicking on the links. I really like this one because it folds flat
and is only 2 tiers. The fact it is silverplate and therefore matches
most of my serving platters and other stuff doesn’t hurt either. You
all know I like to have tea. I am so excited about using this at my
next tea party which will in fact be this coming week.

I also added a picture of my Christmas tea tray
that sits on my hutch. These are my Christmas dishes and I love to use
them during Advent and Christmas. I can’t quite bring myself to use
them after Epiphany/January 6th but from the first Sunday of Advent
until then they are used daily.

Other things I have been reading or doing. Monday and the Friday
before I did some baking with a friend. I have a freezer full of
cookies and they are all good! Such wonderful goodies as Chocolate
Crinkles, Eggnog Snickerdoodles, Andes mint cookies, shortbread, orange
mini bread loaves, some toasted almond cookies and will be adding
chocolate chip shortly. These will all be loaded into bags and onto
plates to be delivered this coming week.

I have also been reading a couple of new blogs. The first one is my wonderful friend Kim’s blog Finding a Simple Life.
She talks about cooking, baking, her daughter, living in chilly
Massachutes, and puts up new recipes on her site all the time. She is
an excellent cook and I have always had great luck with her recipes. If
you are looking for some new things to try out that someone actually
has made before check it out.

The other blog I have been reading is just silly. It is called All Cupcakes All the Time.
It is just what it claims to be. Pictures of cupcakes and cupcake
themed items all the time. If you like cupcakes or just want to be
amused with small cake goodness check it out. They even have a flickr
group which is linked on the top right of the blog. I have found a ton
of unique ideas for easy to do cupcakes that look impressive. I know
what kind I am doing if I ever have to do cakes for a pirate themed

That is it for me. Other than that I have been finishing decorating
for Christmas and planning for our trip to Arizona. We are leaving just
before the holiday and will be spending it with family. My physical
inbox as well as my email inbox are both full and need some serious
attention for processing tomorrow. I do not like just how much is in
them. Of course Christmas cards need to be finished and put in the
mail. Who knows maybe I will be really ambitious tomorrow and get it
all done.

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