Warm and Sunny Arizona

After making a list and checking it many many times we went to the airport and got on an airplane for Tucson Arizona. It was a lot of work to get all ready to go. Had to keep up with the laundry, had to pack suitable clothing for 4 people for Arizona. Even with the suggestions and help we had with clothing we still guessed wrong and brought a few too many long sleeved shirts.

We had managed to get most of our Christmas shopping done well a head of time, or had it planned out what we were getting. The Saturday before we left we ended up finishing the majority of the remaining shopping all because somebody wanted waffles for breakfast and I refused to make them. So we went out for breakfast to the Redmond Pancake house. I had not eaten at one of those before. I ended up having some really yummy cinnamon roll french toast. After we had breakfast we went and did some shopping and picked up the rest of the big presents we were a bit concerned about. We also picked up some new bras for myself. I get fit differently every single time I go. The new bras I like quite a bit and are fairly comfortable.

I had also gone shopping a bit earlier in the week because I needed a new t-shirt or 2 for myself as one of mine needed replaced. I went to Target and looked in the plus-size section and found nothing. Then on my way out I found a lime green long sleeved v-neck t-shirt and decided that it would work. I picked up 1 more suitcase for us for the trip because I felt we needed it. After I was done I thought the total was about $9 too low. I looked at the receipt as I got in the car and my $12 t-shirt was in fact only $3. I went back in the store to get another on at that price. I ended up with a total of 4 for the $12. I got 2 lime green and 2 in a slightly darker green. Comfy, light-weight, and look pretty good on me. I am still pleased with the deal.

The trip here was fairly uneventful and the kids did great on the plane and at the airport. The security checkpoint was very easy to get through and there was almost no line. It honestly took longer for us to take everything off and put it on the conveyer than it did to get through the line.

Arizona is a lot different from other places I have been. Not that I have been a whole lot of places in my life. Tucson is about 10 degrees warmer than Willcox where my in-laws live. They are not too far from the Chiricahua National Monument. So far we have chilled in the lovely and flat small town of Willcox. We have gone to the Chiricahua Monument for a day and got a wonderful tour of Faraway Ranch. We also took some great pictures and went up to the top of the mountain to see the view of the rock formations. The chimney rocks are cool! We went into Tucson today to finish our Christmas shopping and went to the larger of the malls, the Tucson mall. This evening we went out and looked at Christmas lights. We have been able to visit with Devin’s sister (HI KRIS!) and our nephews. We will get to go out to her house sometime in the next few days.

The kids are really enjoying themeselves and so are we. I had a bit of trouble adjusting to the climate and it is still kicking me somewhat. Something is making me sneeze and my eyes water. The cats are fun and funny. We get to go to the zoo the day after Christmas and I want to get some pictures of Texas Canyon still. The sunsets are amazing and take up the entire sky! The stars are much more visible here than in cloudy Washington. Who knows we might even get up to the observatory. If not this time then next.

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