Cleaning and a little redecorating

Now that Devin is working from home we are working on the process of integrating all of his stuff from work into his home office. While we are working through that process the main areas of the house are rather taken over. Lots of stuff has been done so far and even things I did not expect to get done are getting done. The garbage bin and the recycling bin have been stuffed very full every week.

The main drawback is all the dust and crap we are kicking up. Well that and all the crap we need to find a way to get rid of. I tried freecycling some of the big box of things I am getting rid of but had no takers. I think the whole thing is just going to get hauled off to donation instead. I don’t want to mess with it anymore. We have 4 boxes of books so far and we are considering taking them to halfprice books or some other used book seller that buys books. Devin wants to list them on the Sunrescue list. Not sure I want to even bother.

Treanna got a bunch of horse pictures for Christmas. I decided that instead of just putting them up that it would be classy for them to be in frames. So off to the thrift store I went multiple times and managed to find a few frames. Devin was getting rid of a few other frames so we borrowed those as well. All in all we put up 7 horse pictures on her walls. She is very happy and with a few other changes to make her room a bit more grown up like remove the teddy bear wall rack, she will be quite pleased with her room.

While cleaning out his office Devin came across a few train wall decorations that have not ever gone up on the wall. He asked Alaric if he wanted it for his room and Alaric got excited. I suggested, gently, that he had so many of his animals still on the wall from his zoo projects of June that there was no room. He suggested removing a few and Devin reminded him that the agreement was just for the summer. Well I remembered that among the frames I picked up were 2 green ones that were the same size and would fit a postcard. I suggested that I could frame a couple of his turtle postcards for his room as well. Within minutes every last animal came down off the walls and into the garbage can. So Alaric and I found his desert tortoise postcard from Arizona and his sea turtle postcard from Belize and made quick little mats for them. He liked helping make the mats. We did some brown suns for the tortoise and some sea turtles and shells colored blue for the sea turtle. He is very happy with his new wall art.

I was suprised at just how much fun it was to do the matting for his turtle pictures. I realize I have not been doing as much creative stuff as I should be. I started clearing off my table a bit more as well. I then went and picked up the elastic stringing stuff to redo Treanna’s bracelet. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, even if it seems bigger than I remembered it. While I was at the store I saw some of the silvertoned findings to make more chandelier style earrings. I now have a few pairs in silver now and not just goldtone. The funny thing was to realize I ended up making almost the same exact pair in silver that I made in gold. I have a really pretty silver pair in blues and crystal that I cannot wear. The earring finding itself is not a good fit for me to wear.

I have also been working on my personal files. Devin handed me some more empty hanging files so I was able to separate out my files. I found a white file crate and pulled all my yellow hanging files and put my craft and art files into them. In my file drawer I taped the ends of my little metal rods that keep falling and then put the remaining of my personal files. I still have a pretty full inbox to file and put away but progress has been made.

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    I have been enjoying reading your blog. It gives me updates as to what you are doing and reminders of how much better you are feeling.

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    I added a comment several days ago but it never appeared. I enjoy keeping up with what is going on with you and the family.

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