Projects including pictures

Here are the 2 collage bookmarks I just did. For those of you who
don’t know what Victoria is, it was a wonderful magazine that was one
of my favorites.

I scanned these on my scanner. I will finish them by laminating them.

Yesterday while going through my fabric stash I came across some
red fabric with soccor balls. Today I made Alaric a nice pillow case
with a zipper for one of his pillows. The most difficult part was not
the zipper, it was getting the round ends on correctly. I am sure there
is a much easier way to figure out the diameter of a circle for a
tubular pillow case than trial and error. Of course just as I was
finishing this up I thought of using my geometry skills to figure out
the diameter as I knew the circumfrence.

After I finished the pillow case I also neatly hemmed a beautiful
piece of red fabric so we now have another little table runner. I even
got to pull out several of my special feet for my sewing machine. I
used the zipper foot for the zipper and then my little foot that makes
a neat turned edge and then sews it down all in one lovely step. It was
a lot of fun to get those out.

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