the Weekend and the house…

This weekend was a bit on the tough side. We found out that our Vicar lost her husband to a sudden and unexpected heart attack and that our Vicar had just accepted a new job in another parish. This also means my Sunday School co-teacher will most likely be leaving as well as the fact that she just lost her Dad, who was married to our Vicar. Some sadness but God is amazing and his grace more than sufficient.

However, the house did get mostly put back together over the weekend. I was able to dust, vacuum, sweep, and mop all Saturday evening. I went to bed a bit later than planned but felt wonderful about the house. I did a little bit of picking up Sunday and again felt better. This morning I really kicked but and took names though. All of the stuff to be donated was taken to the donation truck after dropping off the children. Then 5 file boxes of books were loaded into the trunk of the car to be taken to half-price books. I also took a bag of belated Christmas things to a friend who lives between us and the half-price books in Everett. I refilled the water container and broke down the majority of the remaining boxes and put them into the recycling. It is looking great now!

I visited a bit longer with my friend than I had planned but it was wonderful to visit and get caught up a bit. I was introduced to 2 gerbils and all the children enthusiastically showed me their new things from Christmas. I ended up getting to half-price books about lunch time. So after I started the guy on the books and gave him my cell number I walked to get me lunch at local fast food place. I got back before he was finished. I was suprised I got as much as we did for all the books considering how outdated some of the tech ones were. After leaving half-price I stopped by Pier 1, which was just around the corner. I am still looking for new glassware for every day use so stopped to see what they had. I did see some I liked but they were about $6 a piece though beautiful in the blue and green. The other thing I found was a bedside carafe where the glass fits inside the top as a lid, and it was only $5! I picked it up as it was the best price I had found yet. I also stopped in Snohomish on the way home and looked at a furniture store there. Lots of furniture but not enough that I actually like.

I am feeling a lot better about the house and hope to be able to clean carpets again soon. If not maybe some spot cleaning. I even got out another little project I have been wanting to try on Sunday. I have a little brass stencil that you can use for embossing. So I got out some little cards, a stylus and embossed some little cards with the stencil. It was fun and a bit challenging. A very fun technique to play with.

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