suckness and other stuff

Many things suck right now.

Starting with my computer. We had a short power outage several weeks ago and my computer has been doing the blue screen of death dance ever since. I finally took it apart and did a powersupplyectomy last weekend and have since determined that either my motherboard or my CPU died. Luckily my hard-drive is fine and I should be able to transfer everything to a new computer when/if I get one. Things have been so busy and slammed for Devin that we have NO clue when my own computer will get fixed.

I had the flu. I am talking the kind that leaves you weak as a kitten for the following week after you sleep for 3 days straight. I am still tired and recovering from it. Fortunately it mostly seemed to be aches and exhaustion. If I had a fever I don’t know because it never occurred to me to check. In other news while Devin and I both got the flu neither child did for some odd reason.

For various other suckage you should read Devin’s blog.

In the not suck department my mother was just up for a visit and it was a good one. The kids were good and her craft show was fun. The children and I were also over at our friends house this week doing some help with some painting and rearranging of furniture. I even got to paint rolling hills in one room.

I also got to go shopping on Friday. I had planned to meet some online friends at Bellevue Square for lunch. One of them was sick so she was not able to make it but I did meet the other. I actually had time before lunch to do a bit of shopping by myself and actually found a pair of jeans that fit and were on sale. I also picked up some more of my 4 Roses perfume after lunch and was able to share L’Occitane with the gal I did meet. It is so nice to meet people that not only like to go to the same kind of stores as you do but you can also talk about the same things. Everything from Science Fiction to Computers and children. Lots of fun.

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