I am such a homemaker.

I actually enjoy reading about housekeeping, cleaning, organizing, and other household tasks.


On one of my lists I was given a link to http://brocantehome.com/

It is a pretty large site about a British housewife as far as I can tell. The thing I have most enjoyed is her links and just all the girly things she talks about.


I followed several of her links and I really have been enjoying the following:



This is a blog which includes videos from a gal in NY. I find her very entertaining as well as practical.



This one is a magazine type format and features lots of food!


One of the things she also linked to are these Earl Grey Tea Cookies: http://www.marthastewart.com/page.jhtml?type=content&id=recipe4916

Of course from Martha Stewart but I think I will try making them anyways.


Alaric and I finished his peg rack for his room yesterday. We painted it a nice bright blue and then stenciled some turtles just above the pegs. I even did the stencils myself. Pretty easy as I just printed out some turtles with good lines that would work as stencils on some heavy paper and then cut them out. Worked out just fine.


Also this past week I repainted Treanna’s dresser and a chair. While doing some cleaning up I found a small can of the Rustoleum white semi-gloss paint as well as a paint brush. The dresser and the chair look much better now.


I have all the pieces except the base for my vanity mirror that I am making. I need to finish that up as my vanity currently does not have a mirror. Oh and I bought me a new vanity. I found one that had 2 drawers beneath a shelf as well as 2 shelves in the part where you put your feet. It also has both of the fold out hinges for the skirts! All painted a lovely white semi-gloss. It was only $10 and it replaced my old vanity as well as the nightstand I was using to store my shoes. Nice that I have room for everything and it is very functional. Now to finish the mirror.


The other thing I found at the same time was more of my ironstone china. I have had various pieces of the Johnson Brothers snow white Regency given to me over the years. I found a whole box full of the china for another $10. It had a teapot, 6 cups and saucers, salt and pepper shaker, dinner plates, serving bowl, platter, covered butter dish, and other misc. pieces. After going through all my china, pulling out all the chipped and crazed stuff, and also pulling out all the creamware I have more china than I thought. I now have 14 dinner plates, 12 cups and saucers, 12 dessert plates, 5 bowls and luncheon plates, 2 platters, 1 serving bowl, 1 teapot, salt and pepper shaker, and a covered butter dish.


In other news, no I still don’t have a working computer. Yes my craft area is getting cleaner and more projects getting done all the time. Yes, the back room is amazing clean and organized Devin has been busy. No I still have yet to clean the carpets. Yes the children are out of school this week for Spring Break. No we don’t have any plans for vacation. No my bicycle is not working. YES the children have both learned to ride 2 wheelers this past week.


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