Lilacs and illness

For the past week or so I have been sick. Not deathly ill but just some sort of crud that has me coughing and a sore throat. Fortunately I think I am on the mend and should be better for sure in the next week. The house did not fall apart while I was sick. I rested and coughed my way through several books.

The children and I have been working on being completely on time every day to school. They have quite a few more late days than I would like them to. Sometimes we cannot avoid it because we do not control the train schedule.

We have had several days of nice weather recently. Due to the nice weather I have been outside a bit attacking my yard. I have mowed and weeded just a little at a time over the last few weeks. Today I finally finished the mowing and did a bit more weeding than normal. I am also butchering the large bush in my front yard that I hate. Ugh I really just want to kill the thing. Plus with all the other lovely flowers the dandelions are blooming as well. I did get a beautiful dark pink bloom on my tree peony this year!

Today I walked down to the doctor’s office and picked up some medicine I have not had a chance to start before. This one is specifically for my liver and my doctor has been pleased with all the results of everyone who has been on it so far. I started it today so who knows what all will happen. On the way back I stopped and cut me some lilacs (after I asked permission). I also happened to talk to another neighbor and asked him if I could cut some as well. He brought me a large bunch and then thanked me because he was going to go cut some for his wife. I now have a lovely vase of white lilacs and another of some light purple lilacs. They smell so wonderful.

Of course to top everything off I am starting to run out of tea. Not dangerously so but enough to cause me some concern.

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