A working computer of my very own!

Thanks to Devin working steadily on it yesterday afternoon and evening, I now have a working computer again. I am in fact typing this at my own desk on my own computer with all of my stuff plugged in and working! Even my microphone and webcam works so I can use Skype.

I think the computer working was my Mother’s Day present from Devin. The children however each made me a card and a cute little present. Alaric made me a ladybug outdoor thermometer and a cute card about what Mom’s can and can’t do. The most memorable can’t is Mom’s can’t eat garbage! Treanna made me a cute card with her and I gardening in dresses on the front. Inside the card had a bouquet of flowers that had chores she was willing to do were written on the stem. It was adorable. They also made me breakfast in bread. I had toast with Marmalade, a bowl of cereal, and tea. Yes they made me tea and it was even good tea! I was so proud of them. They brought up the tea tray with a pretty teacup and the teapot. I had my milk for my tea in one creamer and milk for my cereal in a different one. My cereal was in one of my nice bowls but my toast was on a paper plate! Alaric even filled one of my vases full of flowers for me to have in my room too. He stole flowers from my other arrangements and then grabbed my clippers and went outside to get some more. I had to laugh it was so cute and wonderful. They also each chose 2 movies for me to choose from that I could watch while staying in bed. We watched Lord of the Dance together. Later when I got downstairs I found out that they had even selected CDs and preloaded the stereo in case I wanted to listen to music. In all it was a good day.

Later this month Devin will be traveling for about 2 weeks out of the country. It will be interesting for the kids and I. I do know that before he leaves and hopefully next weekend we are going to the Japanese Gardens that are in the Washington Arboretum. We will probably just buy a family pass so we can go many times over the next year. In fact the children and I may go there while Dad is out of town too. The first weekend when he leaves we are heading down to see family that we have not visited in long time.

My garden is coming along but the grass is still growing. So many things are blooming, even the weeds. Some days it feels like the weeds are winning. I want to make me a potting bench for my garden and have even begun collecting wood and other stuff towards that goal. I now could use a chop saw and I would actually be able to make one.

Along with clearing off my desk so that I could actually get my computer and stuff there I have been working on my craft area. Treanna and I worked on a couple of her paint your own horse projects. I have managed to finish up a few other various little things and am planning on working on others. Today I even cleaned up some of the stuff that is going with me to on my visit later this month. I have 2 big boxes and Alaric and I need to finish going through the trains so we can get the last box ready to go. It will be very nice to be able to say my area is organized and able to just pick up whatever project I want.

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