The grass is getting long!

After being sick nearly 3 weeks I am finally all better! This was a weird sickness and it really sucked. Fortunately I was the only one that
seemed to come down with it. Unfortunately I think my mother got the same

I am no longer in danger of running low on tea. Between a
trip to Everything Tea in Snohomish and seeing the lovely Bonnie Rose of Teatime Garden at the show my mother just did, I now have plenty.I picked up some more
northwest breakfast, Scottish breakfast, and Raspberry Earl Grey from
Everything Tea. From Bonnie I got more of the Black Orange Spice and the
Morning Glory Grapefruit. I should probably still pick up some more various
green teas as well as some more white teas.

After receiving a small shipment of Victoria magazines I now only have 4 holes
in my collection. I even have a small pile of my doubles that will be going to
a friend I met because of Victoria. Needless to say I am delighted that my collection is nearing completion. My next goal will be to complete my collection of the books. I have quite a few already so it should not take me that long.

I have tried to keep a bunch of lilacs on my table lots
lately. The whole area seems to budding or flowering. My garden is really
starting to bud and I am so pleased to see that I may have lots of peony
blossoms this year. My bleeding hearts are blooming like crazy and I sure hope
they go all summer long. Even my Hostas are up and my daylilies budding. Of
course there are lots of weeds as well. I did get some of the edges weed whacked
but already need to mow the lawn again. The ugly bush in front has been
butchered some and I am hoping to kill that thing this year.

I am currently working on clearing my craft table and my
desk so that I will actually have a place to put all my peripherals for my
computer. If I actually get a working one soon like Devin thinks may happen. I
should also be able to get out my sewing machine to do some mending and the
annual turning jeans into shorts for the children. Who knows I may even do some
projects for myself like make an apron.

When my mother was here last weekend her and I actually did
a whole day of yard sales. We must have picked just a great weekend and a good
part to go. We had lots of sales and found quite a bit of stuff. We went to
some very nice ones too. My mother got herself a cute little old red lap desk,
it is wonderful! I got some napkins to match one of my tablecloths, some
clothes for Treanna in the next size up, some pretty fabric, a 50 yard roll of
washable beige grosgrain ribbon that is about 2 inches wide at least, some
bionicle books for Alaric, a lunch box for fall, and a cute lime green leather
purse for me.

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