Summer, the new patio and dismantled kitchen

Amazing sometimes what all happens in between updates. The kids are almost out of school for the summer. Devin went on a trip to Europe for work. The yard has been blooming and lots more work has happened. The house is a disaster and in various states of apart and cleanliness.

With school coming to a close the kids have been excited about finishing up the year. The school did their volunteer Thank you Tea which I actually did attend. I also let them borrow a few things for the tea. One of the things they borrowed was a set of 12 3 tiered servers I had just picked up for a few bucks. They looked great and I am tempted to keep them all but want to give some away to sisters and friends.

Devin went to Europe for business but if you really want to read about it go see his blog. Otherwise the kids and I kept ourselves very busy while he was gone. They had a sleepover and we went to Greenlake and went out on a paddleboat. We all had a lot of fun and got a lot of stuff done while Devin was gone.

The yard started blooming and I am finally feeling caught up with some of the yard work. I have the front mowed and edged. It all looks very nice except that front corner bed which I plan to finish ripping out this summer. All the beds in front are full of blooms and I have had lots of them on my Peony. Overall I am very happy with how the front is going. The back however is a different story. After 4 years of forgetting I finally managed to divide and transplant all my irises. I made a new flower bed out of my former vegetable plot. I also got plenty of cedar mulch and started mulching as I went across the back weeding. I even made a little patio in the back and set up my table and chairs. It has been very pleasant and I picked up more mulch today so I can continue across the back and along the sides. Again my plan is to get it all weeded and mulched by the end of summer. Go Here and see the first 17 pictures to see all of my progress. Some of the pictures were taken the 3rd of June and the rest were taken on the 6th of June.

The house is a whole other story. Everything is just not getting put away and there is just a lot of little things to get done. To top it all off I needed to replace some light bulbs in the kitchen on Friday and as I was replacing them before making dinner I managed to shatter one so completely that I am still cleaning it up. I even started washing walls and the ceiling in the kitchen. It really needed it; I am still amazed at just how filthy and grimy everything was in there. I have taken my entire kitchen apart and all the knick-knacks down. I have yet to decide what I am going to put back or where everything else will go yet. I kind of want to really keep it clear and spare but I like my stuff and don’t know where I else I can put it all.

That is all for this update. Later this week will be the saga of the washing machine and perhaps the final result of the kitchen cleaning.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Not sure where to comment but here seems fine enough. I was cruising LJ (bored at work- I’m a teacher-it’s the end of the year yadda yadda) and I was looking for people that lived in Monroe. I noticed you like gaming. Me too although I’ve not heard of some of the ones you mention. Just thought I’d say HI!

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