Washing machine, kitchen, and summer.

Over the past 6+ months my washing machine has been leaking water and some sort of oily substance. It has also stopped spinning as well so laundry was taking longer and longer to get done. It had become intolerable over the last month so I began looking into a new washing machine. I decided that what I wanted was too much for our budget to buy new and Devin agreed. Unfortunately even second-hand it was still too much for the budget. So after some looking I asked Devin to please take me to Snohomish to a appliance recycling place. Well to get the features I needed, gentle wash, it was cheaper. Plus they delivered, installed, and took the old one off our hands for only $35. My new washing machine is much quieter, cleaner, and most importantly works great!

The kitchen update…not everything is done. On the other hand I made some decisions about where to put things. After being on my task list for the past several years I also finally cleaned out the corner cupboard and put the shelf paper down. It is much neater and a lot of the things that were out on the counters or hung above the stove is now in the cupboard. I emptied all my jars out of the cupboard and am going to freecycle a bunch of the jars as well as a coffee maker and other misc. stuff. I still need to finish the ceiling and the walls but I am at least half done.

Today was the last day of school for the kids. This past year has been a really good year for them and they have grown a lot. So now we start the whole summer thing. Today they got off to a good start by helping me with some of the cleaning and even earning some more money to put towards their goals. We have a few different plans of things to do this summer in addition to stuff around the house. There are several reading and learning goals as well as some life skills to learn. It is very important for every child to know how to make scrambled eggs to go with their toast!

I am beginning to feel that summer is really here now in the garden. We expanded the back patio by a row on 2 sides so we don’t fall of the edge when the chair is moved back. I now have a nicer patio table and chairs there. I have made another 4+ feet of progress towards the other side of the house. I am very hopeful that I might finish even before the end of summer with the yard.

I have also started a major declutter – get rid of spree around the house. Things that are sitting around unused are leaving in droves. I sold a few things, am trying to sell a few others, and everything left is leaving as fast as I can get someone to pick it up. I have some pictures to take in the morning so I can list more, good thing I put the batteries on to charge.

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