hot days, hot dinner, and a party.

I hate to be one to gripe about weather but we had a difficult time keeping ourselves cool Saturday and somewhat today. Fortunately we did find a few things to do that did cool us down somewhat and I attempted to think cool thoughts. It was difficult to eat and sleep however.

The children finally got over the whole grounding thing today. It was very tense and difficult for them. It was the first time I had actually used the term “grounded” to describe their punishments and it seemed to work especially well for Treanna. Alaric on the other hand just had all sorts of difficulties. The girl completed her room cleaning on Friday and needed little help to finish. Alaric on the other hand is still having difficulties. Most of the contents of his room is located down in the living room. Hopefully we can make some more progress on that tomorrow afternoon. Fortunately it is mostly sorted at this point and the trash and give away bags are rather full.

Friday night I ended up not actually making anything for dinner and we went out. Saturday we got the grill working and used some of the lovely marinade by Wayne Leon who does many local markets. His tenderizer is really neat and actually injects the marinade inside of the meat so it marinates the whole way through. It turned out very lovely even if we did eat dinner rather late.

Today was my friend Veronica’s birthday and her husband planned a wonderful party inviting lots of her friends. It was somewhat a surprise but apparently he actually told her yesterday so she would not be totally in the dark. We had not met many of her friends but we were able too at the party and we all had a lot of fun. My children were able to get soaking wet in the wading pool, and the adults even dipped their feet in while sitting in chairs to keep cool. It turned out just wonderful and the cakes from Simply Dessert in Fremont were fantastic!! I especially loved the cognac cake. The food is always wonderful at her house and today was no exception. We met lots of neat people and hopefully will get to spend time with some of them again.

After we got home late we made some plans for tomorrow and I did some cooking. Despite it being hot I made Carbonara again, got some eggs boiling for sandwiches tomorrow, made brownies, and mixed the ingredients to make some popsicles. Devin heads into the office and will actually be carpooling tomorrow. The children and I head to the beach in Edmonds where there will be a rather low tide in the morning with it being minus 2 feet lower than normal. We are meeting some friends and packing a picnic lunch. I already have water cooling in the fridge and will pack the cooler in the morning.

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