Life, the house, plans and yorkshire pudding

Well sometimes life just does not go the way you want it too. My plans for the weekend got completely rearranged yesterday afternoon. I finally found out why I have not been feeling the greatest. Apparently some minor outpatient surgery I had done now has complications. Knowing why I have been so tired and run down was a nice change however. The down side is I actually went around and disinfected my entire house last night and today with bleach. Ick I hate the smell of the stuff but I must admit that many things are now clean.

So the things I will be missing to start off with the Flylady book signing that happened this evening at Borders in Redmond. So many things conspired to stop me from going I decided to just stay home. Spending the day in North Seattle area tomorrow and taking the children to a few places we have been meaning too like Gasworks Park. Plus we would have meet up with friends before going to a CoTA evening service. At least we have postponed all of the North Seattle things for a week and will do those next Saturday. The book signing, alas I will just have to miss out and will it the next opportunity.

Household stuff has included repotting my kitchen plants while cleaning the window area thoroughly. Picking some apples and making applesauce. I have so many apples that it will take a while to make all the applesauce up. I am also contemplating turning some it into apple butter, and various cakes or breads. Just not sure how all those would freeze up if at all. We are also nearing the time when we will start having a string of visitors. The first is due in August so I am trying to get the house ready for company and actually complete a bunch of these half done projects. I have made some progress and some things are actually put back away again. I also now have a place to get rid of some perfectly good usable items and not have to deal with them while benefiting a friend.

Dinners in the last week has involved a great deal of grilling. We did the tenderized chicken another time or 2, plus I did some homemade cheeseburgers where I made them from actual ground beef instead of just buying premade patties. We have been eating a lot more onions than we used too and the children are slowly getting re-accustomed to the taste of them. Tonight I made beef and onions cooked with some Strongbow cider over Yorkshire pudding. The Yorkshire pudding was made using a mix that I got from the British Pantry last time we were there. They turned out pretty good but I think I will just stick to making them from scratch. We all liked dinner and I definitely want to pursue the Yorkshire pudding thing more. They turned out much better tonight than previous attempts but I need to keep working on them as I did not like how doughy it was still.

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