New routines and a recent family reunion

I am sure several of you are looking at the clock and thinking “What the heck is Stephanie doing up at 6 in the morning?” Well see it is like this…Devin started to go back to work in the office today and got up around 5 to get ready to go. I got up with him so I could pack his lunch and make sure he had everything loaded. Then I had to send him an email so he had it waiting for him at work. Well one thing led to another and here I am still up and was reading blogs and other stuff.

I have made a bit more progress in the garden over the past couple of weeks. I also now have an umbrella for my patio table. I have lots of things flowering and growing including several of my newer plants.

In other news I recently had one of my Uncles pass away. My mother is one of 10 kids and her brother Lawrence passed away 3 weeks ago. The family memorial service was actually a reunion picnic at Millersylvania state park just south of Olympia. We went down to this on the 1st and I had a very nice time reconnecting with many of my cousins. No I really have no clue how many cousins I have or even who they all are. I really don’t know who has how many kids for the most part either. That is the scary thing about being from a large family and your parents are both from large families too. Last time I tried to count up how many cousins I had I got to 35 and could not remember how many more I might have beyond that. Fortunately a couple of the cousins I do know that I mentioned that too laughed and said they felt the same way. I am glad that the twins tendency seemed to have passed me by. At least 4 of my cousins are twins. Millersylvania is a wonderful park and well worth a visit there.

After the reunion we went down to visit my sister Becca and see her house and spend some time with her and her husband. We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed seeing her cute casino themed kitchen, her animals, and of course them. I also got to spend a bit of time with my brother Jon as he lives right by Becca. I also visited with his wife Theresa and we talked until 2 in the morning on Saturday. Sunday afternoon we visited with our friend Brian and then started back home. On the way home we swung through Yelm to see my Mother and her new house. Her new house is adorable and very her! Another of my Uncles was still up here from California and spending time with mom before heading back down. His wife Darlene made the most yummy beef enchiladas, Spanish rice, and chicken enchiladas with green sauce. It was so good I took some home and had it for the next several days.

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