Pretties, friends, and work.

So far the week has been busy and somewhat productive. Last night and today the kids had friends overnight. They will be returning home pretty shortly just before they leave for a 2 week vacation. I have put a few new things on my calendar coming up including have a friend over for a tea party. Of course I don’t feel ready for much.

At least the headaches that seemed to be plaguing me are better. I have also started sleeping better in the last few days. Part of it could be the new sheets. I had found ours were just worn out completely so started looking for some new ones. I actually found some for a really good price and they look great in our bedroom. TJ Maxx has some good deal sometimes. A nice simple stain stripe, high thread count, and a pretty lilac color that look great with all the other purples in our bedroom. I almost feel like a queen in our bed now.

I have a lot to do around the house and looking around I see the piles are getting rather big. Hopefully I can figure out what to do next and start putting some of it away.

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