Things to do while your children are grounded and the temperature is in the 90s

  1. Shut the windows and drapes on the hot side of the house and ensure plenty of fans are either inputting from the cool side or exhausting.
  2. Recline on the children’s beds and do relaxing supervision while they continue to clean their rooms.
  3. Read God is a Verb while having the children bring you a glass of ice water to drink.
  4. If they make a mess just thoughtfully look at them and direct them to clean it up.
  5. Make frequent trips up and down the stairs to exercise and check on said children.
  6. Open a beautiful package you receive in the mail and look forward to your bath this evening with scented bath salts. Contemplate whether to use the rose or the lavender scent.
  7. Play several games of FreeCell while thinking about what you can make for dinner that will not make the kitchen overly hot. Wonder how much effort it would be to get the grill going.
  8. Think about your upcoming tea party and visit with all your favorite recipe books. Imagine what such luscious sounding things as lavender and lemon cake would taste like. Think that rose flavored sugar cookies frosted to look like roses would be wonderful to make if it was not so hot.
  9. Write a blog post about your day so far.
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    Sounds like you had a fun day

  2. http:// says:

    LOL!! They all sound like great things to do when it’s hot! Welcome to my world Steph! Sure you don’t want to come to AZ now? we were just over 100 yesterday….more to come!

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