It’s the end of Summer so Go, Go, Go!!!

Some weeks we just really seem to be on the go. I started looking at the calendar for the rest of the month and there are really few “off” days. Often we had several invitations for any given day.


Monday we went bike riding again, Tuesday we went swimming at Silver Lake and we all swam, I even got a little sunburned, Wednesday we went to the Arboretum and had a lovely little picnic and walk. By Wednesday evening I could barely move and had overdone it. Thursday we stayed home and did chores and I made a doctor’s appointment for an adjustment. Friday we went to friends for a play date and then went to my doctor appointment before heading over to other friends for a night of poker. Devin met us at the friends and we played a little bit of Texas Hold-Em. I ended up winning which was fun.  Saturday we had a babysitter as we headed to yet more friends’ yard and garden party. We met lots of interesting people and the garden was gorgeous and food was wonderful. Today we head over to friends for dinner and games.


The next few weeks look to be very interesting. We have Treanna going to do the TV Eucharist on Tuesday as an acolyte, a cruise for a Summer work party on Friday night, a friend from out of town on Saturday (Hi Drew!) who will be staying a week, another poker party planned for Sunday, and will be heading up to Victoria on either Wednesday or Thursday in the following week.


In the midst of all this busyness I have still been trying to keep up with the house and food preparation. The kids and I packed quite a few different lunches for all the times we were on the go. I made cute little BBQ chicken appetizers on toothpicks for the Friday poker party and am making an apple-blueberry pie and an apple pie for today. The piecrust was frustrating. Not sure if I did the recipe wrong or just had strange weather. I had to give up for a while on rolling out the crust before it worked. Luckily I finished them in plenty of time and they smell wonderful. I also made the pie crust crispies with the extra dough. I took a plate of them outside along with juice for the kids and all their friends they were outside playing with. They all loved them.


Pie Crust Crispies: using all the scraps of pie crust dough roll out thin and lay in an un-greased cookie sheet. Melt a little bit of butter and spread over the dough. Sprinkle a generous amount of cinnamon and sugar mixture over top and cook on the rack above the pies for 10-15 minutes until lightly browned and crispy. Cut into squares using a pizza cutter and serve warm along with milk or juice.

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