Potting bench, waffles, and bicycles.

This week has been pretty good! The children discovered there is a girl in our neighborhood they go to school with. She is just a year older than Treanna but is coming over to play regularly. Been very nice for both of them to have someone to just spontaneously go and play with.

Friday the children and I went to Snohomish in the afternoon. I was going there to meet with a lady who is going to build me a potting bench. I took most of my salvaged pieces and other wood and cool stuff to her as trade and components for my bench. Both of us are pleased with the arrangement and I will bring her the rest of the trade next week. She also let me cut a few flowers from her yard for myself. I came home with some deep purple hydrangea, some yellow rudbeckia, and some blossoms from a hydrangea tree. I had not ever seen or heard of a hydrangea tree before. It was beautiful and smelled heavenly.

On the way home from Snohomish we stopped at several yard sales. At one of them I picked up a new green bike for myself for $5. We also stopped at a larger one at the middle school that was a benefit for the former Monroe High Principal who had a stroke earlier this year. We picked up a few things like a Bionicle game, a horse puzzle, 4 clear glasses that look like they have lace on them and a scarf for me.

Today we had a late brunch of waffles with a topping bar. The toppings we could choose from included, nutella, peanut butter, maple syrup, butter generic syrup, banana slices, and whipped cream. It was wonderful especially since I made a nice simple breakfast tea to go with it. The tea helped cut some of the sweetness from the waffles. After lunch the children went out and rode bikes and played with the neighbor girl. I made pizza for dinner and the girls helped.

After dinner we went on a bike ride. We went down to a park by the river and through a bunch of the trails in the park and then came back through the other end of the park to come home. We were gone over an hour, had a great ride, and we figured it was several miles. We did notice that we need to do a few things soon, like both children need new helmets as theirs are disintegrating, both are almost too big for their bikes and will need new ones, both Devin and I have a few odd things about our bikes that should probably be looked at. All in all we probably need to invest a bit more money in them but they should all last through the rest of this season and we can work on them this fall.

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