The China Cabinet and the Tea Party

Over the weekend I really began to feel better so kind of got caught up with much of the house. We also had company over and a very relaxing visit that was just relaxing. By Sunday evening I was beginning to feel much more like myself. Consequently I again perused CraigsList as will be my wont and looked at China Cabinets.

Lo and Behold I found one close by that fit my budget constraints; I liked it as did Devin, as an added and final deal clincher the gentleman was willing to deliver it for a small fee. The single most glaring reason I did not have a new China Cabinet before now was a result of no way to get it home. So I sent an inquiry via email including what his idea of a small fee was. Monday morning I checked my email. To my delight I had a response that a small fee was only $5 and I was first on the list. So after a call to Devin and the seller I got the kids moving, stopped to get cash and then drove about 15 minutes away to look at and purchase said China Cabinet. After checking it out in person I determined that it would fill my need as well as coordinate well with our existing furniture. So I paid for it and then it was delivered to my carport.

Of course I then got sidetracked during lunch and read too much of Polaris by Jack McDevitt. As a result I did not get quite as much done as early in the day as I hoped. I did finish the Nutella Cupcakes, the Lemon/Lavender Cake, as well as the Coconut Shortbread. I also had cooked the chicken for the chicken salad sandwiches and taken the bread out of the freezer.

After Devin got home, he helped me rearrange the furniture so I could bring in my china cabinet. I got the cabinet in place and cleaned and then began the joy of moving all of my china and arranging it in the cabinet. I did not quite complete everything that night and went to bed so I could get started early the next morning.

Tuesday morning I woke up a bit earlier than I have been and got started. I finished putting away all my china into the cabinet. I vacuumed the downstairs, got the dining room table set, and removed several boxes full of misc. stuff that needed to be elsewhere. By 10 I was beginning to feel ready for my teaparty at 11. So we set up the buffet of food and began to finish the sandwiches and make the scones. By the time our guest arrived the scones were just coming out of the oven and the water was on to boil for the tea.

The actual tea party was just lovely! My friend came with her little girl and she brought a marinated veggie salad as well as a fruit salad. It was the perfect accompaniment to the rest of the menu. The entire menu was: lemon scones, peanut butter and jelly triangles, chicken salad on rye bread, marinated veggies, an in season fruit salad, coconut shortbread, lemon lavender cake, and nutella cupcakes. To accompany this spread I chose TeaTime Garden’s Strawberry Rose as the tea. It was just the right note of contrast for a summer Tea. Her little girl and Treanna did wonderfully together and we were able to chat easily while the children played. Everything turned out divine and I was very excited about the new recipes I had tried.

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  1. http:// says:

    I’d love to get your scone recipe as well as the lemon lavender cake! Glad you had such a great time! Congrats on your new china hutch!

  2. Devin says:

    Oh, sure, sis. Comment about the food!

  3. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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