Too early Friday Morning

Treanna and I had a good time doing the filming for the TV
Eucharist at King Broadcasting in Seattle.
She did great and I was really proud of her. I did get permission and took a
couple of pictures. I uploaded three of them to her photo gallery.
She got to see a helicopter land and the News center.

I have managed to mostly complete my to-do list for this
week and still do plenty of outings as well. I even cleaned the carpets.

I have also had a friend’s grandson a couple of days this
week as he and Alaric are the same age. The boys have enjoyed playing together
and yesterday we went to the Reptile
Zoo/ Serpentarium
that is about 2 miles from our house. This place has an
amazing collection of unique reptiles including the 10 deadliest snakes. I
personally liked the albino alligator and the HUGE albino python. My most
favorite of all the things I saw was the 2 headed Red Slider Turtle. It was
really neat and not nearly as freaky as I thought it would be.

Had a bit of trouble staying asleep, so I decided to just
get up instead of lay there awake. This does not happen to me too often, just
every now and then. I sure hope today’s weather will be nicer than it looks
now. It would be very nice to have clear skies for the cruise this evening.

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