A Tea Crisis in the Making

I used the very last of my Black Orange Spice tea to make my morning pot of tea. It was a pour out the dust on the bottom of the container sort of use up. This is just sad and a bit perplexing. Normally I would have run into my wonderful tea supplier but she was not at the show in September like she normally was. I noticed looking around that I now have 4 empty tea containers. The level of the rest of my tea is getting rather low as well. Considering that we drink at least 2 cups of tea a day if not more this could become a problem.

This morning has been rather lazy for me. I slept in a bit later than I had planned so just got everyone off to school and work. Devin wonderfully drove the children to school saving me from having to rush through a shower. The kids were home yesterday so I am very pleased to have the house to myself again today.

Yesterday I made Ginger Cookies at the same time I made dinner. These cookies are soft, chewy and have a lovely spice that is well balanced by the molasses. I made a double batch but half of them are put aside for church. Today I am planning on making some Orange Butter Thins. I have had this recipe for quite a few years but have yet to actually make it. I have all the ingredients on hand right now and they sound lovely. The only other thing I want to make and which I will probably make tomorrow morning is Cardamon Pine Nut Scones. Again I have everything on hand and it is something I have been wanting to make for a while. I am hoping to make these to take to small group with me. They of course will go along wonderfully with our tea. 

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  1. Devin says:

    Call our dealer and get more Black Orange Spice!

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