Another week with my mother!

My mother is here this week while doing another craft show this time in Issaquah. We set up her booth on Tuesday and then spent Wednesday all day together. Thursday and Friday she does cashiering at the show. Saturday she will be home with us most of the day until we go and take down her booth. Also Saturday is her birthday so I am hoping to do some sort of celebration here for her.

Tuesday night and Wednesday we spent some time teaching my mother more about how her laptop and printer work. Devin showed her a lot of the basics for her laptop. I did more on Wednesday and reinforced some of what she learned earlier. She is really picking up how the computer works fairly quickly. I even sent her some of the pictures I had via email and she got them onto her own local computer which really made her happy.

 Tuesday on our way down to the show we stopped at Bellevue Square to go to Lane Bryant. I had printed off 2 gift cheques I had for like $15 off of $15. My mom looked around and thought most of the clothing was ugly and just bought a pair of jeans. I looked around but found a couple of things off the clearance rack so only spent a couple of dollars. Also Wednesday her and I did some more shopping. My mother is really where I learned how to do thrift shopping and how to find the best deal. We went to both the stores in town and she bought me a really pretty sweater and some dressy velvet pants. We also found a ton of new shirts for her which were all long-sleeved which she needs as she is heading to the East Coast next week.

I really do enjoy spending time with her. It is fun to have her come up to spend most of a week with us. As a result the kids have really gotten to know her and also love spending time with her too.  

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