Fall Clothing

One of the drawbacks to being a redhead is the fact that shopping for clothes in flattering colors can be a pain for most of the year. The pastels of Spring, the bright tropicals of Summer, and the bright jewel tones of Winter just don't cut it. Even in the fall all the gold, rusts, and oranges usually make me look ill. For the last several years, fall has had more variety of greens, browns, and other colors that work for me. Black almost always looks good. However when you realize that everything you own is pretty much the same color it can get boring.

Since we really started to replenish my badly depleted wardrobe we have saved up to buy clothes only during certain times of the year, such as late August. There are more items in colors that work well for me through the year. Additionally, we get most of my clothing at Lane Bryant, and this is the time they offer their "real women dollars" — coupons that increase your buying power by 50% in the folowing month.

Yes, I do know that I am a homemaker/kept woman. No, my fashion and wardrobe requirements are not as extensive as someone who works in an office. Yet we started shopping when we realized that I did not have the basics that would allow me to go to a meeting, attend a party, or look presentable every day. I had a list of a suggested clothing items for a homemaker, so I adapted it to myself and my lifestyle with suggestions for my body type. If you want a copy of this list let me know and I can email
you a copy. It is really nice to have a guideline to start from.

Since my last shopping trip there are only a few special items left on my list; I will probably end up making them. Granted, I will need to be diligent about replacing worn-out and ill-fitting items. However, I now have appropriate clothes for any event throughout the year. The only garments I did not end up getting were pants or skirts. In August we picked up blouses, the dresses I talked about previously, and a black cordouroy jacket. We also had a small handful of the real women dollars for September. At first we thought we might not make it back at all but we managed to budget enough to buy a decent bra. Back we went.

When we walked into the store, I saw the same gorgeous beaded blouse we'd paid full price for, only now marked down to $15. I was a little peeved. We talked to the manager, who ended up taking our receipt and giving us the difference as store credit. Next, I consulted my list and figured out what else I needed to get. I concentrated on bras first and picked up the 5-way bra as well as a sport bra. At this point I considered myself done.

Devin and the manager, however, did some fancy math with the real women dollars, allowing me to get a lot more than I first thought. Now I went shopping. At the end, I walked out of the store with:

  • a sparkly black camisole
  • a green V-neck sweater
  • a black V-neck sweater
  • a leather belt
  • the 2 bras

We did all this just with the in-store credit, the real women dollars, and my original allowance (less than $50)! I was really pleased at staying under my budget. I love the new tops.

I mentioned in the earlier post how I fleshed out the rest of the holes in my wardrobe with thrift store finds. I also found (on sale for only $1 each) a black croco embossed leather purse as well as a two-tone brown leather purse. Overall, I think I managed to flesh out my wardrobe for far less than it should have cost me.

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