Fall Garden Preparations

The preparations in the garden for fall and the coming winter has finally begun. I have been neglecting my poor yard a bit too much lately. However today my friend S came over and helped me trim my front ugly bushes. I was amazed at how much less irritating they were after being trimmed. After lunch we went to her house and trimmed a tree and did some weeding in her yard as well. I even brought back some rose campion to plant along my back fence.

After the kids were home from school, had snack and completed homework we went outside again. They helped clean up all the accumulated clutter in the yard while I mowed the front. They helped move things around in the back and put the rose campion in the ground along the fence. They watered the plants in well and put away more tools. We moved the giant tarp along the side hoping to kill more weeds. They picked up toys and other yard stuff. I also picked up all the branches that did not fit in my bin and my wonderful neighbor let me borrow his bin and fill it overflowing. It will all be cleared away next Tuesday so we can start the process over again.  

 I did quite a bit of work and have that wonderful feel of exhaustion that only comes from physical labor. I am hoping to get even more done while the weather remains nice.

Upcoming blog posts will include crafting, magazines, fashion, and organizing.

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  1. Mom says:

    because of the warm weather here, I have a very difficult time remembering that it is fall and time to get ready for winter. the leaves are turning on the apricot tree and dropping.

    will be going out to apple annie’s with our church group on the 14th for pumpkins, etc.

    decorated with a fall wreath and long chain over the arch from the AZ room side.

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