Fancy Evening Dresses

This is the first part of some posts about clothing and fashion.

Next month I am going with Devin to Las Vegas while he speaks at a large technical conference. It will be really nice as the Godparents will be coming to stay with the children while we are gone. Granted we will only be gone a few days but this will be our first real vacation, of more than one night, without children in years. I think the last time was before Alaric was born and then it was only like 2 nights.  Needless to say I am excited and looking forward to it a lot.

Of course since we know that there will be at least a cocktail party we realized that as part of my annual update to my wardrobe we needed to include a couple of dresses. Well when we went shopping at the Lane Bryant in Redmond Town Center that I have been going to for the last several years we were dissappointed and only bought me a single item there as most things were out of my size. However the one in Bellevue Square did have the item we were looking at in my size. So a couple of days later we went there. Now my last experience before this trip at the Bellevue Square Lane Bryant had left me in tears as it was so horrendous. We were so suprised when we went in, Devin liked the layout of the store better, the selection was better, and the new manager was wonderful. We found out later that she had been brought in to address the issues like I had on my previous visits there. It was a wonderful change and we were very pleased with our visit.

The kids came with us and I have been letting Treanna gain more experience with choosing clothing for herself and others so the first dress came from her and was not one I would have chosen for myself. It was a lovely black halter style dress with a bare back and a longer skirt in the back. It was very flattering and Devin says it is a definite 2 thumbs up. The second dress I found was a much simpler A-line dress with some empire waist styling, very simple, black and feminine.  Again an easy dress and one that would be easy for me to use for quite some time. I realized later that the second dress actually reminds me in style to a dress I had been given by my Grandmother that was also one I got a lot of compliments on. I also picked up quite a few other items but I will save those for another post. My next trip back to Lane Bryant the following month was to pick up a bra that would work with all my dresses. I found a 5-way bra that included clear straps as well as an extra clear back strap for those dresses that might be even more low cut. It is really a cool bra and I like that I have 2 spots to adjust the band at with the hook and eyes.

My third dress actually came from a thrift store. I was doing my regular looking for items on my list which had included a new coat for myself, new coats for the children and a few other items to finish school clothes shopping for them. I happened to run across a gorgeous spaghetti strap black velvet dress with a lovely slit up the front to just above the knee. It was a Lane Bryant brand and so I knew it would run true to size and it was a great fit for myself. As an added bonus it was only $7! With my new bra I can even wear it the right way with no bra straps showing. My other find was a new jacket for myself. I lacked a decent jacket that could be worn with dresses and none of the long jackets I had seen so far at all made me enthusiastic for either style or price. Again the thrift store magic happened and I ran across a simple lined plastic-like coat with a nice line for wearing with dresses or jeans. At $10 I could not beat the price and again it was a great fit, even over my casual jackets.

Of course once you have great dresses you need great shoes to wear with it. I recently went by a wide shoe store as all other shoe stores had failed to deliver shoes that worked for me. I tried on several different brands and styles and was amazed at how awesome I felt in decent fitting shoes. I felt like a million bucks! However Devin and I talked about all the shoes I had tried on after I showed him pictures online. We agreed that the pair of simple sling back low heeled dress shoes I had found on was the way to go.  I have ordered them and am now waiting for them to arrive. The ones I found were a softstyle by Hush Puppies and have a lovely croco pattern to them. To go with my lovely shoes I had picked up a cute black handbag with a croco pattern embossed on the leather as well. I am hoping they will go together well and look good with the dresses.

Last night I tried on my dresses along with the bra and am really pleased with how it all fits. I will check it out again with the shoes and other accessories once the shoes arrive. However I am pleased with my purchases, feel wonderful wearing them and believe that the dresses will work well for me for a while to come.

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