Magazines and Sunday Dinner

A couple of weeks ago I picked up some magazines from Freecycle. I am not one to normally just go pick them up but I saw that special keyword of "Victoria" so off to Sammamish I went to get them. It was a nice drive and when I got there the piles were huge! I ended up picking up all the Victoria magazines hoping to fill in the last 4 holes I have left. I also picked up the Martha Stewart Living Magazines as I enjoy reading those and having a large pile to work through could be fun. There was also a few Real Simple which I have yet to even start reading. I also managed to remember seeing someone who wanted MSL magazines and so will be meeting someone for a trade soon to trade some Victorias for MSL.

I have a large pile of magazines I have gone through and some that I have saved as I want to save a copy of usually just one article or idea from the magazine. I have already benefitted from the MSL magazines. Last Sunday for dinner I made Roast Beef along with Yorkshire Pudding. Now this is one of Devin's favorite things in the whole world. I have been working on making them and each time they get a bit better. I used a roasting pan this time and kind of followed along with the directions from MSL to get the Yorkshire Pudding to turn out right. It was a HUGE pudding and filled up the entire roasting pan. However we did not run out and the pudding turned out such a lovely golden brown. Treanna also did a lovely job with the napkins following some instructions to fold them into roses.

Sunday Dinner Closeup of the Rose Napkins

As you can see the dinner and Treanna's napkins turned out lovely! 

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