Museum of Flight

Today after a late brunch we went down to the Boeing Museum of Flight. I had found out earlier in the week that the Smithsonian was doing a "free museum day" on Saturday the 30th and many museums all over the country were participating. You just printed off their little entrance pass and went to a participating museum and got in for free.

We have been wanting to take the children again and free was a very good price. So down we went. It is about a 45 minute drive from our house so it takes a while. Next time we definitely need to schedule more time as they had more of the other galleries open and we easily could have spent several more hours looking around. They had a WW1 and a WW2 gallery of airplanes and other exhibits about the war like trenches videos with pilots etc. They also have an exhibit of the original boeing factory building. That looked cool but we only glanced in it as the museum was closing. We all loved the space part of the exhibit and tried out the grabbing the hubble telescope by the arm from the shuttle video game. The kids thought all the jets and planes in the main gallery were really neat. They also enjoyed sitting in the cockpit of the couple of planes they let you do that in. We did take a bit after the museum was closed and looked at the ones that were outside of the museum.

We will be going again especially as starting tomorrow they have a really neat exhibit about Leonardi Da Vinci with his models of his flying machines. They had some sort of special event and dinner planned for this evening to open the exhibit. It was interesting to see all the people in rennaissance garb and black tie.

I will be posting some pictures in the next few days. Also probably a backlog of pictures from when the blogs and galleries were down will be going up as well.  

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