My shiny shoes and the weekend

Today my dress shoes arrived in the mail. They were a lot shinier than I was expecting but they fit wonderfully. They look fine with my purse as well. I am confident they will also look nice with my dresses.

Over the weekend we took my mother out to the Cheesecake Factory for her birthday dinner. While we were at the mall we looked around a bit. Devin had also stopped by Nordstrom's to pick up some new shoes for himself. He likes the pair he got. He also bought the few other things he needed like a belt and new dress socks. The socks are nice and they hold up nicely as another pair like them we have had for years now.

 After dinner we went and helped my mother take down her craft show booth. She then went her way and we went home. Unfortunately I had a migraine Sunday morning and just did not feel well at all.

Sunday afternoon Devin and Treanna went and watched the new Flicka movie. They both enjoyed it a great deal and had a lovely date. Go read their account in their blogs. While they did that Alaric and I went and had lunch at Taco Del Mar. We then went to a dollar store, filled the water, and a few other little errands. We enjoyed our time together and he even held open doors for his Mother which was just adorable.

Still trying to get caught up on all the paperwork and other stuff from the last week.

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