Sometimes the idea is worse than the doing.

Today I started working on my to-do list for the week. High on that list were several projects that were on the MUST do portion of that list. I have been dreading doing these tasks and honestly figured on at least an hour for each one of them. Well I decided to just get started on them with the kids after school.

So we started on raking the leaves. 15-20 minutes later we had raked up an entire yard full of maple leaves and filled the bin to overflowing. Well ok that was not too bad and we have at least another 45 minutes I had planned on working tonight. So we started putting away tools, toys, the patio umbrella, the patio table, the chairs moving the pots to their winter homes. Hmm that was only another 5 minutes. So I started gathering the trash to go out for fall clean up next week. Then we started cleaning the carport. A total of approximately 80 minutes later everything was completely done, we were ready for regular trash pick up tomorrow, and mostly ready for fall cleanup next week and the carport was even swept and straightened.

Sometimes I just cannot believe how long I will procrastinate something because I think it will take longer. Of course there is a small amount of additional things that will need to be done next Monday to finish fall cleanup preparation but I figure 10 minutes max for that. 

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