The ever changing house

It seems that just when we think we are done with some major project or another, something new comes up. We have done so much rearranging that at times I think we must have tried everything. Nope of course not.

This time our project is again Devin's office. He has had many incarnations of his office depending on the current projects, current computers, and current office furniture. Now that he is not working in his home office he decided he wanted to move out of his tiny inpractical room to a new space where the rest of us are. So we have started the process of clearing out his office, picked up a desk better suited to the new space, moving books, and deciding what of our stuff really needs a new home.

 Alas when we went to move one of our wonderful bookcases into a corner of the computer room we discovered much to our shock and dismay that the ceiling in the book designated corner is a good 1.5 inches shorter than the rest of the house. What? I cannot believe it! We tried but now we will need to again alter our bookcase another 2 inches shorter so that it will fit into its new home. Of course this delayed our moving time table by quite a bit.

When we are done we will have a completely useless tiny room that no matter what we have tried there in the past has proved to not work. This tiny room is something like 7 by 10 feet in size, has a closet that goes under the stairs, an inconveniently located door, and 2 windows also making much of the wallspace unusable. We are hoping that this will somehow be able to be a good guest room. We have frequent enough visitors that having a room just for guests would be neat. Unfortunately the room does not appear to have any space big enough for a queen size bed which is really the best size if you have couples overnight. Still not quite sure how this will work out. I will keep you posted.

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