Thoughts on my church and abusive relationships.

I got a link to a post today about parallels between the Episcopal Church's relationship with the Anglican Communion and domestic violence.

It was interesting and really made me stop and think. I was in an abusive relationship for a year or so and it was very difficult to wake up enough to leave. Even then I cried through several states as I left. At times I think it was the most courageous thing I ever did and also the most difficult. There is such a slippery slope to abuse that often it is only when it starts to get really bad do you realize just how far you are in it.

There are some valid points to the claims of abuse. I think however that an anomynous commentor to the blog is correct in saying that we don't need to be vicitmized, we have the power to evict the abusers from our church ourselves. I am still not sure that is the right answer either but I do think something other than "talking" needs to be done. Of course being a non-cradle episcoplian as well as being only 33 makes me a non-typical member. I am young enough to constantly be ignored and yet sought out because I am young. 


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