Toad in a hole and Monday

Along with other Yorkshire Pudding experiments Monday night I made Toad in a Hole. I started by baking the sausages in the giant roasting pan and mixing up the pudding ingredients and getting them ready to go. After the sausages were done there was plenty of grease in the bottom of the roasting pan to just pour in the batter. It smelled wonderful and became big and puffy. It was a definite hit with the kids and Devin seemed to like it as well.

In other news we had the children's parent-teacher conferences Monday. It was pretty much what we expected. We have readers who are off the charts and reading above grade level. They both are being challenged in math but are not behind and are rising to the other challenges in their classrooms. We got a few things clarified with both teachers. We also have a better idea of what to expect for 4th grade Math and asked for some extra things to be sent home so we can help Treanna feel a bit more confident. 

We also stopped by the book fair on our way out and picked up a book for each teacher's classroom. I also suggested the Kenneth Oppel's Airborn and Skybreaker to the librarian and she was interested enough she picked up the second right then from the book fair. I need to get Treanna to read them soon as I think she would like them.  

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