Tuesday cooking

Since the children have half days I have had a lot of my time kind of shortened. Tuesday I finished laundry and then decided that I really needed to make up some cookies and other goodies. I have wanted to make the orange butter thins again but this time just a bit smaller. I also really wanted to make some chocolate dipped orange madeleines again.

After I picked up the children I started to mix up the batter for the orange madeleines. I heated up the oven and started to get the madeleine pan ready. My recipe claims to make only 2 dozen but it actually makes 3 dozen. It might just be my cute little pan that is a bit smaller or something but they sure look normal sized to me. While baking the madeleines I mixed up the batter for the orange butter thins.  They were refrigerated while I finished up the madeleines and spread them out to cool. I also helped the kids with homework while doing this as well. I had to use a very small teaspoon to dish out the dough for the butter thins. However they turned out awesome after I figured out how long to cook them. They were fairly uniform in size and thickness so all baked the same. It made more than enough so my freezer is full of them now.

I also made garlic lime chicken for dinner this evening. It was a great end to all the baking and it is always yummy.  

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