Volunteer Park Conservatory

In September I went to Volunteer Park to see the Asian Art Museum and also walked around a little bit. My friend S and I had a wonderful day out and did enjoy our visit.

One of the things I saw then was the Conservatory and was just in love! However we were out of time so we had to go. However I later went online and discovered that it was free to go inside. I was over by Volunteer Park on Wednesday where I had a very busy day. I was there picking up a desk for Devin. I discovered that I had a free 30 or so minutes in my schedule as everything was just going my way. I decided to pop up to the Conservatory for a look around. I took some pictures and decided to share them.


I found the Cactus room very interesting. Some of the specimens they had were just huge!

 vpconservatory1 vpconservatory2

The seasonal display was fantastic and really makes me want to go back regularly to check out the rotating display.

 vpconservatory3 vpconservatory4

I loved the Palm Room which is the first one you enter when you go inside.

 vpconservatory5 vpconservatory6 vpconservatory7

Unfortunately they were rennovating the Fern Room (one of my all-time favorite plants) and so I did not go there or the room that was just next to it. I will go back again especially as I loved some of the history I read about it. It was built in New York and then shipped to Seattle. It was built in 1912 and fashioned after London's Crystal Palace.



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