Live from Las Vegas!

I am writing this from Mandalay Bay resort where I am with Devin. He is speaking at a technical conference this week. I am fortunate enough to be able to accompany him on this trip. So far it has been fun with lots more fun to come.

A few highlights and other thing so far. We barely made it to the airport when we left Tuesday morning as the flooding was bad enough in our area that there was only 1 way out of town via highway 522. Imagine all the cars all trying to get out of the area all on the same road! It took us an house to reach Woodinville which is normally a 20 minute trip even with heavier traffic. We did make it to the airport on time and made it through security and to the gate within a 1/2 hour of reaching the airport.

The flight was uneventful but crowded. I had heard that most airlines were flying their planes at 90-100% capacity but I now know what that looks like. It was very full with not a single empty seat anywhere. Apparently there was some turbulence but not overly so to me. I did find out that the people behind us had a penetrating voice and were most annoying about what they were discussing. Sorry but I really don't want to hear how you feel about various celebrities and what not.

Mandalay Bay resort is very posh! And huge!!! It takes about 15 minutes to get from our room in the actual Mandalay Bay, one of 3 hotels that are part of the resort, to get to the million square foot convention center. I think there is actually a North and South convention center. This conference with over 6000 attendees is only on the second floor of one of the convention centers and it is still huge. Lots of rooms with lots of chairs. I was surprised at the sheer diversity in the attendees. Still dominately male but there was a nice contigent of females present.  Our room is very nice as well. A big king size bed, a table with 2 chairs, the bathroom has a large shower and a HUGE tub. It was not big enough for too but it was more than comfortable for just me. After all the walking yesterday I took a nice long bath last night and it was very nice. They even had bath salts.

I have yet to really have bad food. Granted I have been in Vegas just about 24 hours now but still the food was nice. The resort makes it so easy to never leave your individual hotel. There are shows, shops and lots of restaurants in addition to the casino all located within the building. Last night Devin and I had dinner at Shanghai Lilly here at Mandalay Bay and it was very nice. Good food and decently priced. I am planning on hopefully hitting their pool area tomorrow or this evening depending on what else is happening.

Tonight I know we have several parties and other things to attend as well as a dinner invitation. I am hoping to head to a couple of other places on the strip in my "would like to visit" list this afternoon. Luckily I should have plenty of time to do more as we do not leave til midday Friday.

 Devin did his first presentation just a bit ago and has 2 more tomorrow. It was great to actually get to hear and see these presentations that we had talked about and prepared some at home. I am planning on at least attending his one tomorrow morning as well. More later, hopefully with pictures.

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    Wow! How fun! Enjoy yourselves!

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