Sewing, tea and household

I meant to blog much earlier in the week but have been busy.

Friday when I went to Snohomish to buy some tea. I did not come home
with nearly as much tea as I thought. I also placed an order for our
favorite teas from Bonnie Rose of Tea Time Garden.  Our tea order showed up a couple of days ago and we even had some of the Black Orange Spice yesterday with breakfast. We also picked up her newest tea which is a caramel tea. However I have not tried it yet so don't know how good it is. Considering that I have yet to have a bad tea from her I am fairly confident that we will enjoy it.

One thing I did last Saturday that I did not write about yet was some sewing. I went and took a class to make purses. I ended up making a really cute one and have several more laid out and ready for me to cut and make. I also  made me an apron. I made the pattern myself too. I had seen a cute apron I liked on Friday in Snohomish. So I ended up just drafting me a pattern and cut out the apron and made it. Of course that sounds simple I know. It was not that simple in reality. It turned out fine and I was very happy with it, then I put it on. The entire top gapped so badly my chest was not protected at all. So I ripped it out and redrafted it. About 8 times. However my apron is finished and I am happy with it. I also have done a lot of other ripping out of seams. I sitll have my sewing stuff out everywhere and need to work on picking it up more. To even start sewing I had to clean my craft area up. At least some progress has been made.

I still have a small list of things I need to get accomplished by Monday afternoon but I am working on it. Today will be grocery shopping, dusting the entire house to get rid of the cobwebs, and generally doing some cleanup. But first I think I am going to finish my mending. 


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    Sounds like you’ve been busy! How fun!

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